Writer's Statement — the shortish version

Writer's Statement*

This statement was spurred by bloggy interweb events in 2006 covered in traction.

In my writing, particularly poetry, I have explored the places language holds us in.

I investigated these locations, often by how these words feel to me rather than what they commonly mean.

Lately my research involves a reflective exploration of real places. I seek to reach some understanding of the common ground beneath our movements, as these commotions compose both our bodies and our landscapes from the substance of the terrain. My writing seeks to both map that country, and to become part of that country.

I write more prose these days, and now the feeling explored is the sense of place rather than any linguistic location. But that said, it is still about position, composition and the super-position of emotions; that which moves us before we get there.

Writing aboutform.

(2008) I no longer write for humans.

(2009) However, I have a few stories out there on twitter.com nanofiction 'zines like Outshine, nanoism, picfic and Thaumatrope.

(2010) Tasmanian Gutters: Photography & Poetry available on Amazon or as an epub here for nix.

* A Writer's Statement is based on the idea of an Artist's Statement.

This page will change through time as my focus moves, as I discover new lands, but you can keep up to date by using the RSS feed.